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Residential and Commercial Systems

Our services include:

Today's home and office wiring needs have advanced from a single telephone to multi-line telephone/intercom systems, fax, and computer networks with shared printers and servers. ASC offers a variety of centrally located network distribution panels and wiring to streamline and simplify this connectivity. We provide new home installation as well as existing home upgrades and small to medium sized businesses that adds value to your property.

  • Computer Network Cabling for Single or Multi-Terminal Systems
  • Structured Cabling and Wiring for the Complete Home or Office Systems
  • Single and Multi-Line Telephone and Fax Wiring

Before work

Phase 1

Phase 2

Final Result

Every home and office is more secure with a professionally installed alarm and/or video security system. Wireless and hard wire systems are available.

  • Complete Alarm and Video Security Systems for Residential and Commercial
  • Installation, Repair, and Upgrades
  • Consultations for Any Size System
  • 24-hour Monitoring

Find out how The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System can dramatically improve your office privacy. Request a No-Cost, No-Obligation acoustic privacy quote and improve your office acoustics in as fast as 48 hours!